Camera51  is a unique and smart camera application. Camera51  automatically identifies  people, scenes, lines, and objects that appear on the screen. After analyzing all the variables, Camera51  directs the photographer to the best photograph possible!


The major difference between Camera51  and other camera apps is that Camera51  is an intelligent device that interacts with situations in “real-time”Camera51  is a simple and fun solution to a complex problem: Taking beautiful and professional looking pictures in one simple step!


All you need to do is slide the smartphone icon into the 'aim box' by moving your camera, just follow the arrow...



Perfect frame!  Now the picture is ready to be taken

"...And yes, it does work: the results are very impressive." 



Which devices support Camera51  ?


Most Medium and high level Android tablets, Android smartphones, iPhones, and iPads, fully support Camera51.

The Camera51  unique and revolutionary technology relays upon some very advanced computing. As such it requires high computing power which may not be available in some lower level devices. 

Lower level devices, such as the iPhone 4s, iPad 2, and Galaxy S2 may experience lagging and slow reactions of the application. 

The Camera51  team works to insure the best camera app experience on all Apple and Android devices. Stay tuned and follow us on our web site  for information on device support in future versions.


Why do I need help framing my pictures?


Most people easily differentiate between a great photo that has been framed properly and a poor photograph with bad framing. The problem is knowing how to shoot the perfect frame. This is where Camera51  can help. The Camera51 team has programmed into the app knowledge that would take the average person years to learn and perfect. Camera51  turns this knowledge into one simple direction for framing a great photo.


What is object selection good for?


Camera51  automatically selects the main objects in each picture and calculates its suggestion according to this selection. By taping on the camera screen you can select an object yourself. Once you have selected the main object or person in the picture, Camera51  will suggest the best frame based on your selection.